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To get a bike on Pokemon Blue version, first you need to go to Vermilion city. Go into the Pokemon Fan Club and talk to the Chairman. He will give you a bike voucher, and then you can go back to Cerulean City and trade your bike voucher for a bike at the Bike Shop. (Although the bikes are offered for sale at the shop, the price shown is just over what any player can actually carry. Thus, the Bike Voucher is the only way to obtain a bicycle.)


Go to the Pokemon fan club in Vermilion city. Talk to the guy on the couch and listen to what he has to say. He will give you a bike voucher which you can trade for a bike at the bike shop in Cerulean City.

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Q: How do you get the bicycle in Pokemon Blue version?
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Where do you get the bicycle in Pokemon Gold version?

Goldenrod City

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Syther is not available in Blue version and must be transferred from Red version.

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not possible

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No, but you can in yellow

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Pikachu does not walk with its trainer in the blue version. Only in the yellow version does it walk by its trainer.

How can you find free bicycle Pokemon Blue?

You have to get a Bike Voucher from a man in the Pokemon Fan Club in Vermilion City and go back to Bike Shop and the man will give you a free Bicycle.

On Pokemon Platinum how do you migrate Pokemon from Pokemon Silver and Blue versions?

On Pokemon platinum, you cannot move or migrate Pokemon from Pokemon silver or Pokemon blue version. It can only be done from the Gameboy advanced games. Those are Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald version.

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Ekans cannot be caught in Pokemon Blue version. You need to trade one from Pokemon Red. Similarly, Sandshrew is exclusive to Pokemon Blue.

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