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If you don't mind casting spells or exploiting a glitch then the weapon with the most base damage is the claymore from the bound sword spell.

also if you don't want to cast spells a lot then summon the claymore get it damaged(it doesn't matter how much just get it damaged) repair it(make sure you repair it yourself, don't go to a smith) and now it can be dropped

drop it, wait for the timer to go away or dispel it and it will still be on the ground pick it up and it's yours forever

this also works with armor

you may be able to enchant it though i am not sure
there realy is no best sword. there are many good weapons out there for you to slay with. search caves and dunguns if you want good gear. i once found a cave and made almost 15k out of the loot from it and im only lvl 9. on playsation network add xcx179 if you have any further questions

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Q: How do you get the best sword in oblivion?
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In TES oblivion what is the best unenchanted longsword?

In my own opinion the silver long sword causeit can kill ghosts

What is the best sword to use in oblivion at an earlly level?

Th best sword would be a silver sword. You can find one by going to the Leyawiin fighters guild shop. Its on a stand on the second floor or third (either). You can steal it or join them and get it for free. (Proof): Been playing for 5 years

Where to find rohssan sword in oblivion?

It's in her private quarters but you can only get it in the theives guild quest.

Oblivion where to get the bruma sword?

there is no such thing. perhaps you meant something else.

Where can you find an Elven sword in oblivion?

You have to be Level 15+ then Bandits will start dropping them.

Where is the Gladiator's Sword in oblivion?

The "Gladiator's Sword" which is a longsword can be obtained by doing battle in the Arena. I do not remember the exact point that this comes up though.

What is the strongers weapon in oblivion?

the bound sword is a bound daedric claymore. that weapon is tied with the daedric warhammer.

Where can one find the Long Sword of Voltage in Elder scrolls IV Oblivion?

In random loot, I believe.

What is the best sword in fable1?

the best sword in fable 1 is the sword of aeons but if you are being good then it's a master sword

When was The Best of Sword created?

The Best of Sword was created in 2006.

Who has the best oblivion character?

Impossible to solve.

What is the best sword in Zelda the twilight princes?

Seeing as the ordon sword and master sword are the only two you get, the master sword is the best one.