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You go on minecraft forums, load the zip, and follow these instructions.


1. Go to start, then go to run.

2. Type %appdata% in the run

3. Press enter

4. Now, click .minecraft

5. Now, go to bin

6. Now, right click minecraft.jar and "open with" winzip or 7zip or winrar or a equally compatible file zipper

7. Now, open the battletower zip, exactly the same as step 6

8. Now, transfer the folders and class files INTO minecraft.jar.

9. Delete METAINF in minecraft.jar

10. Close everything

11. Open minecraft

12. Login

13. Wait till it finishes loading

14. Go to singleplayer and load a new world.

15. Explore till you find a battletower

16. ???

17. PROFIT!!!

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Q: How do you get the battletower mod for Minecraft?
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