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Complete the Shangri-La Easter Egg

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Q: How do you get the Richtofen gamer picture on xbox 360?
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Is there an Xbox 360 Yin Yang gamer picture?

No there is not i have checked before there is not sorry i want one too.

Why is it that on Xbox 360 when you change your gamer pic it shows for you that you did but for friends and yourself when you look on Xboxcom it is still the default picture?


What is zendaya's xbox 360 gamer tag?


Which Xbox is better Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox Pro Xbox Elite etc.?

the Xbox is a great console for any gamer. In my opinion the Xbox 360 is the best.

Can you download gamer pictures with out having Xbox live?

Yes, XBOX live Silver comes free with you're xbox 360, altough you're are going to need a internet connection.

How do you make a computer pic you xbox 360 gamer pic?

You can onlly have a gamer pic though dlc or by using a Xbox Camera.

What is Selena gomez gamer tag for the xbox360?

What is Selena Gomez gamer tag for xbox 360

Can you transfer a gamer profile from an Xbox 360 memory unit to an Xbox 360 9 gb hard drive?


What is 25G on xbox 360?

25G is the gamer score (known as achievements). All games have this gamer score.

What is AJ Lees Xbox 360 gamer-tag?

Young pubstar

What is the best Xbox 360 Gamer Pictures?

You buy the great pictures off of the xbox live store.

Can you transfer your Xbox 360 gamer profile from online to an Xbox?

No, you can, because microsoft took off live for the original xbox