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u need to save the radio tower from an invasion of team rocket! once that mission comes up on your game! then the owner of the radio tower will give you it... in order to enter the tower u need to be wearing a team rocket uniform and in order to do that u need to go in the underground tunnels in golden rode city and ask the only guy in there to take ur pic and then he will let u keep the uniform... and then when he gives u a golden wing he will say that u need another item to get HO-OH and that other item is the bell thing u get that by going to black thorn city! and beating the gym leader... after that i think prof. Elm will call u or something like that i rlly cant remember and then he will tell u to go to the dancing theater in the town wear the bell tower is. When inside the theater you will see 5 or 6 Chinese ppl and 1nc u beat them they will give u the bell and they will head off to the bell tower then u have to go to the top of the bell tower and u will see them dancing and then HO-OH will arrive!
Give it to Shard D' Berry in Violet.

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Q: How do you get the Rainbow Shard in Pokemon HeartGold?
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Where do you get a green shard in Pokemon HeartGold?

go to blackthorn city and fart

What does the red shard do in Pokemon HeartGold?

The red shard can be given to the guy next to the Pokemon center for a cheri berry,a pecha berry and a leppa berry.

What are the different colored shards in Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver and what berries will the shard trader give you for each color?

Red Shard Blue Shard Yellow Shard Green Shard Violet City and Fuchsia City

Pokemon HeartGold where is the rainbow wing?

in goldenrod city

On Pokemon Heartgold what do you do after you get the rainbow feather from the radio director?

Save it for later

How do you get passed the guy in bell tower in Pokemon HeartGold?

you show him the rainbow wing

How do you you the rainbow wing in Pokemon HeartGold?

You first have to beat team rocket, then the Kimono girls

What else do you need to have to get Ho-oh on Pokemon heartgold?

Rainbow Wing and Clear Bell

Where do you get the rainbow wing in Pokemon HeartGold?

Once you get to pewter city a man somewhere in the city outside will give you the rainbow wing (how easy).

How do you get a Ho-oh on Pokemon HeartGold?

Get the rainbow wing from the radio tower's director and then go to pro.Elm.

How do yoyu get a rainbow wing in Pokemon HeartGold?

go t the radio tower and save the manager

Where do you get the rainbowwing in Pokemon HeartGold?

you get the rainbow wing from the president in the radio tower along the lines of the story