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Yes, go to any Pokemon center. You need to have passed some point in the game but this is miles before the elite 4.

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Q: Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon platinum to soul silver without beating the elite 4 first?
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In Pokemon Soul Silver and in Pokemon Platinum where can you find some of the rarer Pokemon like Charmander and Bulbasaur and other Pokemon like that and can you get both without an action raplay?

These Pokemon are ONLY available through trade from leafgreen and firered without action replay. One exception is you can get one of them by beating RED (ash) in Mt. Silver on soul silver game.

How do you unlock silver prints in Pokemon platinum?

You unlock Silver Prints by beating the Frontier Brains in the Battle Frontier in Platinum.

How do you get sweecoon in platnum?

You trade it to Pokemon platinum after catching it in Pokemon Soul Silver or in Heart Gold. In Cerlun City in Kanto. (after beating Lance the champion).

Can you transfer Pokemon from platinum to soul silver without trading?

No. The only way to move Pokemon from Platinum is through a trade. 1 for 1.

Can you get a dusk stone without beating the elite four in Pokemon soul silver?

hacks. and pokemon that are able to evolve with the dusk stone won't until you get the new pokedex (after beating the elite four)

Platinum is it possible to move your Pokemon from silver and blue to platinum if so how some one who really wants help quick?

It Is Impossible To Move Pokemon, From Pokemon Blue Or Pokemon Silver To Pokemon Platinum Version.

How do you get to azalea town without beating the second gym in Pokemon soul silver?

you cant you have to beat the gym sorry,

What happens if you dont get the master ball?

Trust me. You get it. In Pokemon diamond, pearl and platinum you get it from beating team galactic. In soul silver and heart gold you gte it from proffer oak i think it is.

Can you communicate in the underground from Pokemon soul silver to Pokemon platinum?


What Pokemon game will be released after Pokemon Platinum?

The games being released after platinum will be Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

What level Pokemon can you get to obey you without beating any soul silver gyms?

They start to disobey at level 11, so the level is 10

How do you get Lugia in Pokemon platinum without cheating?

I don't think you can get lugia in platinum but for sure you can get Lugia in Pokemon heart gold, soul silver and when you got Lugia in one of those games trade it into you,r platinum game. hope it helps Brunoistheman ;D