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You will need to defeat Volkner, the Sunyshore City Gym Leader.

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Q: How do you get the 8th gym badge in platinum?
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Where do you go to get your 8th badge in emerald?

I get my 8th badge in Sootopolis gym.

What gym badge do you need to use the move waterfall?

8th gym badge the water badge

How do you get eight gym badge in Pokemon platinum?

you must beat the eighth gym leader and he will give you the badge.

Where do you get your first gym badge in Pokemon platinum?

by beating the gym leader

How do you get every gym badge in platinum?

battle gym leaders that's what there there for

How do you get the 8th badge from the 8th gym leader on soul silver?

you have to use the HM surf and surf behind the gym and go in the cave. go to the other side of the dragon temple and go in. awnser the old man's questions and the gym leader will come in and give you the badge. This is to get the 8th Johto gym badge. To get the Kanto one search: how do you get to the 8th Kanto gym badge

Witch gym badge lets you surf on Pokemon platinum?

Hearthome's badge

Will ash ever get his eighth Sinnoh gym badge?

yes ash will get his 8th gym badge

Where is mrt in Pokemon platinum?

in the 1st gym badge

How do you get your seventh badge in light platinum?

Beat the gym

Where do you get the 8th gym badge on Pokemon diamond?

Sunnyshore City Gym: Electric (beacon badge from Volkner)

How do you get the 8th gym badge in Pokemon diamond?

you beat the gym leader