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you have to use the HM surf and surf behind the gym and go in the cave. go to the other side of the dragon temple and go in. awnser the old man's questions and the gym leader will come in and give you the badge. This is to get the 8th Johto gym badge. To get the Kanto one search:

how do you get to the 8th Kanto gym badge

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Q: How do you get the 8th badge from the 8th gym leader on soul silver?
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What are the 8 badges on Pokemon Yellow?

1st badge: The Boulder Badge, given to you by Brock, the Rock-type gym leader of Pewter City. 2nd badge: The Cascade Badge, given to you by Misty, the Water-type gym leader of Cerulean City. 3rd badge: The Thunder Badge, given to you by Lt. Surge, the Electric-type gym leader of Vermillion City. 4th badge: The Rainbow Badge, given to you by Erika, the Grass-type gym leader of Celadon City. 5th badge: The Soul Badge, given to you by Koga, the Poison-type gym leader of Fushia City. 6th badge: The Marsh Badge, given to you by Sabrina the Psychic-type gym leader of Saffron City. 7th badge: The Volcano Badge, given to you by Blaine, the Fire-type gym leader of Cinnabar Island. 8th badge: The Earth Badge, given to you by Giovanni, the Ground-type gym leader and leader of Team Rocket from Viridian City.

Is delibird a good Pokemon to fight for the 8th badge in soul silver?

Unless your Delibird is pretty high leveled, I don't think that it would be very useful in a gym battle.

Where is the last gym leader in Kanto in soul silver?

You go south of pallet town there should be a little island where cinnabar island was. The 8th gym leader should be there but he won't battle you.You need the 7th gym badge to battle him.The 7th gym is near the island.Beat the 7th gym leader.Talk to the 8th gym leader again and he's going to go back to the gym to what for you there in Viridian City.

What do you do you after you beat the 6th kanto gym leader on soul silver?

The answer is simple: defeat the 7th gym leader. That would be Blaine, who is found in the Seafoam Islands. Defeat him to gain access to the 8th.

Where is the 8th gym leader located in Pokemon silver?

You battle the 8th gym leader, Clair, at Blackthorn City.

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What does the 8th gym leader need on soul silver?

she would want you to go into the dragons den and fight the old man then she will come and give you the badge................................

Where is the 8th gym leader in soul silver?

cindber island

How do you find the 8th gym leader in soul silver?

In Blckthorn City

Is the 8th gym leader in blackthorn city in soul silver?


Where can you find the legend of Dratini?

Try the game Soul silver then get to the 8th badge it has stuff about dratini (what a bizzare question)

How do you get a masterball in Soul Silver?

beat the 8th gym leader and then talk to to professor elm :)

What do you do after you beat the senenth gym leader in Pokemon soul silver?

you go to blackthorn city to fight the 8th gym leader

How do you get your 8th gym badge in Pokemon soul silver?

You must first travel to Blackthorn City. Then, you must battle and defeat Claire, the eighth gym leader. Afterwards, travel behind the gym into the Dragon's Den and pass the elders' test (you can answer anything and still get the gym badge). Claire will give you the badge after passing the test.

How Do You Get Inside The Dragon's Den In Pokemon Soul Silver?

In the original Pokemon Silver you had to beat the 8th gym leader, Claire, then she allowed you to pass.

How many masterballs do you get in Pokemon Soul Silver?

1, after professor elm gives you a call after your 7th or 8th gym badge. Hope I helped. :) Pete

How do you get throu wirlpool island in soul silver?

You need to have the HM whirlpool which I belive you get from the 7th or 8th gym leader in Johto

What city is the 8th gym leader in Pokemon soul silver located?

blackhorn city i think its next to mahogany town