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its the same as ruby and sapphie go in the cave stand on these orby things on the floor u get teleported do a different room then stand on a different 1 and keep doing it you will find a admin for the team he will battle you then the boss sets sale to slate port u fly there and meet him again he will then go some where near lilycove i think

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Q: How do you get team aqua uot of lilycove in emerald version?
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How do you get past the team aqua grunts at lilycove town on Pokemon emerald?

You need to get past the Team Aqua grunts at Lilycove Town to advance on Pokemon Emerald. In order to do this, you first have to beat Team Aqua grunts at Lilycove Town.

Where do you battle team aqua in lilycove Pokemon emerald?

at there hide out

Where is the hideout of team aqua in Pokemon emerald?

In a cave next to lilycove

Where is the master ball in emerald?

You get it in The Team Aqua Hideout by Lilycove City.

Where is team aqua's base in Pokemon emerald?

Off the shores of Lilycove City.

Where can you get another master ball in emerald?

in team aqua hideout near lilycove

How do you get to mossdeep in emerald version?

You most surf from lilycove city after you have beaten team aqua in their hideout, and the wailmers or whatever pokemon that was in the way will go away.

Where is team aqua and magma in Pokemon emerald?

team magma is near the base of mt chimney and team aqua is off the coast of lilycove town

Where can you get masterballs on emerald?

It's hidden in Team Aqua's hideout near Lilycove City.

Where to find master balls in emerald?

I only know where one is. It is in team aqua's hideout (to the east of lilycove).

Why can't you get past the wailmers in Lilycove city on Pokemon Emerald?

Because Team Aqua is making them stay there in the way!

Where is the move deleter on Pokemon emerald version?

The move deleter is in lilycove city (where the lilycove department store is, the pokemon contest is, and near where the team aqua's hideout is). there is an average looking house with a sign near it around the department; that is the move deleter's house.