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You need to get past the Team Aqua grunts at Lilycove Town to advance on Pokemon Emerald. In order to do this, you first have to beat Team Aqua grunts at Lilycove Town.

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Q: How do you get past the team aqua grunts at lilycove town on Pokemon emerald?
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Where do you battle team aqua in lilycove Pokemon emerald?

at there hide out

Where is the hideout of team aqua in Pokemon emerald?

In a cave next to lilycove

Where is team aqua's base in Pokemon emerald?

Off the shores of Lilycove City.

How do you get the two team aqua grunts out of the way in Pokemon Emerald?

mabye you should get out and play instead of sitting playing Pokemon

Where are master balls in Pokemon emerald?

aqua hide out or lilycove department store lottery top prize

Were do you find master balls in Pokemon emerald?

There is only one in the game, at Aqua Hideout in Lilycove City.

How do you get into aqua hide out in Pokemon emerald?

outside of lilycove city on the top right is a cave or should be a cave

How do you get passed the two grunts in team aqua's hideout in Pokemon emerald?

go to mt pyer <peer>

Why can't you get past the wailmers in Lilycove city on Pokemon Emerald?

Because Team Aqua is making them stay there in the way!

Where is team aqua and magma in Pokemon emerald?

team magma is near the base of mt chimney and team aqua is off the coast of lilycove town

What room do you get the master ball in?

Pokemon Ruby= Magma Hideout at Lilycove Shore Pokemon Sapphire/Emerald= Aqua Hideout at Lilycove Shove Pokemon Diamond/Pearl= After you beat Cyrus at Veilstone City

Where is Team Aqua in their submarine in Pokemon Emerald?

go to Lilycove city go up and to your right to the shour the surf to the base