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SurfFushia City - Safari Zone - Secret House

Here is where you can get all the TM's and HM's in the game:

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Q: How do you get surf in Pokemon Yellow?
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How do you teach surf in Pokemon Yellow?

You need a water Pokemon and the surf HM

On Pokemon Yellow how do you get surf?

HM03 Surf can be found in the Safari Zone in Fuchsia City.

Where do you get surf on Pokemon Yellow version?

the Secret House in the Safari Zone

What are the HMS for Pokemon Yellow?

Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Flash.

How do you get in to the seventh gym on Pokemon Yellow?

use a Pokemon to get to use "surf" then get to cinnibar island and there you go.

How do you get to the SS Anne in Pokemon Yellow without surf?

You don't need surf, just the ticket which you get from Bill after helping him change back from a pokemon into a human.

Where is the 7 gym leader in Pokemon Yellow?

The 7th gym leader in Pokemon yellow is in Cinnebar Island, which is south of Pallet Town. You need a Pokemon with Surf to get there.

Where Is The Surf TM In Pokemon Yellow?

Surf (HM4) is found at the final zone in the Safari Zone in Fuschia City

How do you get surf on Pokemon Yellow version for GBC?

go to the hut at the end of of the Safari Zone in Fuchsia city. he will give you surf.

Where is cinabar city in Pokemon Yellow?

Surf south from Pallet Town to Cinnibar Island.

Where do you find Psyduck in Pokemon Yellow?

Surf along Route 6, but they are quite rare...

Can you swim in Pokemon Yellow version?

You can not swim in any of the Pokemon games. You can Surf, however, in EVERY game.