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hm suft is in the secret house at the back end of the safari zone

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Q: How do i get surf in Pokemon - Lightning Yellow Version?
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Where do you get surf on Pokemon Yellow version?

the Secret House in the Safari Zone

Were do you get surf on yellow version?


How do you get surf on Pokemon Yellow version for GBC?

go to the hut at the end of of the Safari Zone in Fuchsia city. he will give you surf.

Can you swim in Pokemon Yellow version?

You can not swim in any of the Pokemon games. You can Surf, however, in EVERY game.

How do you teach surf in Pokemon Yellow?

You need a water Pokemon and the surf HM

Where is Zapdos in lightning yellow version?

The power plant. Go to the entrance of Rock Tunnel, go North to the water, surf south, and get through the building and Zapdos is on top.

Which Pokemon surf in pearl version?

nearly all water Pokemon

On Pokemon Yellow how do you get surf?

HM03 Surf can be found in the Safari Zone in Fuchsia City.

Where can you get surf on Pokemon Ruby version?

On Pokemon ruby to get surf you need to beat your dads gym (in petalburg) then after wallys dad will come and get you then give you surf.

Pokemon Pearl version where is the Pokemon League?

Surf North on the beach of Sunnyshore.

How do you get a water type Pokemon on Pokemon black version?

by fishing or using surf

How do i learn to surf on Pokemon perla version?

Pokemon perla is a fake game.