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you get it from trading or with a pet or the wish machine.

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Q: How do you get super exclusive objects on webkinz?
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On webkinz is a cherry blossom bird an exclusive pet?


How can you get a super bed on Webkinz?

go to the e - store or adopt 10,15,20,25 (ect.) webkinz

Create a webkinz parent account?

First of all, why would a parent want a webkinz? My B-DAY is on July 20 1999! I love cookies. What was my point? Oooooo, I remember now! So, why would a parent want a webkinz? On webkinz I have 6 exclusive rooms, and rare. And i have 177000 kinzcash. And i have 67 webkinz!

How do you get webkinz Exlusive Items?

There are several ways to get exclusive items in Webkinz World. 1. Adopt a pet. You receive a random exclusive item with every Webkinz you adopt after your first one. 2. In Wishing Well 2, if you get 3 wishing wells in the center row, you will get to choose an exclusive item. 3. Once you get enough tokens in the Wish Machine, you will be able to choose an exclusive item. Some items cost 10 tokens, some 12, and others 15. You are only able to choose from current exclusive items, not retired ones. 4. If you have visited Webkinz World every day of the week, and clicked "I love my webkinz" each day under daily kinzcare, you will be entered into a drawing at the end of the week. One winner will receive a random exclusive item, sometimes even a retired onee. The chances are very low since only one member wins per week. 5. You can trade for exclusive items in the trading rooms. 6. There is always an exclusive item on the SuperWheel, which comes out once in a while on special occasions. You have a chance to win the exclusive by spinning that wheel. 7. Sometimes the Webkinz Quick Draw (featured in the hourly activities sometimes) will have an exclusive item as the prize. The chances of winning are fairly low however. 8. The Ganz Estore occasionally features a retired exclusive item's replica, and can be bought with real money there. The replica is like the original in every way, except that it says "replica" when you move your mouse over the item in the dock, and it cannot be sold, traded, or kinzposted. When trying to acquire exclusive items, one should keep in mind the following: The only really safe trading must be done in the clubhouse trading rooms. If someone offers to give you an exclusive item if you kinzpost them something, it is most likely a scam. There is no way to guarantee that they will send you the exclusive item, and you will not be able to get back the item(s) you sent them. One also must remember that it is against the Webkinz User Agreement to buy or sell virtual items. Doing so may result in the termination of your account.

How do you make the super funky hoodie on webkinz?

The answer is unknown right now, we're still trying to solve it.

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What do you get from the wish machine on webkinz?

A Webkinz "exclusive" item.

What pet on webkinz does the super exclusive spellbound bed belong to?

Super Exclusive beds are not any pet's specific item that comes with them at adoption. Instead, you choose one out of the selection at every tenth adoption and so you can choose for the bed to go to any of your pets!

How do you get all the exclusive items in webkinz world?

Trade, Get lots of webkinz, Get lots of tokens.

What is Webkinz estore in Webkinz?

The Webkinz e-store is a place were you can buy codes to exclusive items and log them in at the code shop in webkinz world.

What is Webkinz day extravaganza?

The Webkinz Day ExtravaGANZa, is the celebration of Webkinz World's 3rd anniversary. On April 29, 2008, people who have Webkinz accounts can go online to, and log in to get to spin the Super Wheel, get TONS of prizes, and get a super exclusive gift. But that's not all, in reality, on April 25, if you are one of the first 500 people to spend $10.00 or more at that store, you will get one Webkinz at no extra charge! That's really all there is to it.

What is Webkinz signiture?

I think a webkinz signature is a webkinz that looks more real and you get an exclusive item with is or something but they are really expensive.

Where do you gat a limo on webkinz world?

The Limo is a signature exclusive. When you buy a signature webkinz...which cost 2-3 times more than a regular will get a signature exclusive when you enter the code. But there's no way to know which signature exclusive you'll get, it's the luck of the draw.

On webkinz is a cherry blossom bird an exclusive pet?


How do you get free webkinz exclusive item?

you can't technically get it for free, but you can get it by trading :) You can win tokens and wish for them. I don't know if this still works but you can send in 1 exclusive item to fluffycatcrazy101 or iluvricky1 and get two more exclusive items. when you adopt a pet, you get an exclusive item in their box. on your 10th pet adoption, and every 5th adoption after that, you get a Super Bed.

What is the recipe for the super hero mask on webkinz?

you can not make a webkinz super hero mask but if you really want it that much it is at the webkinz kinzstyle outlet.

If you buy a webkinz pet at the estore will you still get an exclusive item with it and I don't mean the pet specific item I mean like a superbed if it's your tenth webkinz?

Acually each webkinz, whether it`s from a real store or the estore, has exlusive custom items with it and an exclivive food. AND EVERY KINZ OF WEBKINZ GIVES SUPER BEDS ON 10TH, 15, 20TH, ETC!!!

Can someone send you webkinz exclusive items?

Yes. I once sent someone an exclusive item as a birthday present.