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Q: How do you make the super funky hoodie on webkinz?
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How do you make the glass slippers on webkinz?

Princess hat, funky girl glasses, and ruby slippers

What is the recipe for the super hero mask on webkinz?

you can not make a webkinz super hero mask but if you really want it that much it is at the webkinz kinzstyle outlet.

How do you make the watermelon dress on webkinz?

use funky hat purple swimsuit bottom purple pajama bottom

How can you make the superstar shirt in webkinz?

It is the White Hollywood Sunglasses • Purple Mod Hat - Funky Flowered Pants

How do you make a Toy Soldier Hat on webkinz?

How to make a toy soldier hat on webkinz is really simple. First, mix together at the cloths machine 1 dude hat 1 funky plaid hat and 1 party hat hopes this helps for more recipe cloths ideas go to kinstyle cloth recipes

Super hero out fit on webkinz made with clothing machine?

Can't make it so i am told!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When was Make It Funky created?

Make It Funky was created in 1971-08.

How do you make Webkinz beds?

Type in the user name meezrmd in the "add" place to add that member to your friends list. You will get ALL SORTS of super beds.

How do you make Neon Tutu on Webkinz?

To make the Neon Tutu on Webkinz, you need to combine the following items: Jelly Cactus, Funky Hat, and Rubby Slippers. Place these items in the Clothing Machine in the KinzStyle Outlet to create the Neon Tutu.

When was This Time Make It Funky created?

This Time Make It Funky was created on 1991-05-01.

How do you make cogogum on the super chef stove?

I'm not sure that recipe exists. If you mean on Webkinz (which you probably do) then look in on

How can I make Desmond Miles's hoodie?

The simplest way to make the Desmond hoodie. Assassin's creed I'm guessing. Is to get a white hoodie and white cloth from walmart. Then, on the cloth, make a rounded triangle and sew it to the hood of the hoodie. As for the designs, just put it on there with paint or those silver sharpies. That's how I make mine anyway. Good Luck!