Create a webkinz parent account

Updated: 4/28/2022
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First of all, why would a parent want a webkinz? My B-DAY is on July 20 1999! I love cookies. What was my point? Oooooo, I remember now! So, why would a parent want a webkinz? On webkinz I have 6 exclusive rooms, and rare. And i have 177000 kinzcash. And i have 67 webkinz!

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Q: Create a webkinz parent account
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How do you get a parent account on webkinz?

It doesn't matter how old you are in order to have a Webkinz account. Webkinz is ment for everybody!

Do you have to pay for a account in Webkinz?

You only have to pay for the webkinz used to create an account.

What is an unused code on Webkinz?

An unused code is a code on Webkinz that hasn't been used by anyone. It can be used to create an account or to add to an account.

Zumbuddy but no webkinz how can you still create an account?

You can't; the online way to play on webkinz is to make an account, and you need a webkinz to do so. You can also go on Webkinz Demo ( but you have limited and small access to the game.

How do you make a parent account on pixie hollow?

You have to have a real account then you go into the Account Manager and select "Create a Parent Account" and you must be a parent.

What is webkinz jr?

Webkinz Jr. is a another Ganz-made website sort of like webkinz. It is designed for children 3-6 years old. It is almost like webkinz except that when you register your account, you register a parent account too. There are games on the website that will help children learn.

How do you make a parent account on roblox?

Go to the parents section, then select Parent login, and create account.

Can you restart your Webkinz account if it has not expired?

Sorry,no you cant.Unless you buy or receive a new webkinz with a unused tag,you can create a new account.Good luck

Does Bridgit Mendler have a webkinz account?

do you have a webkinz account.

How do you rename a webkinz account?

you can not rename your webkinz account

Do you need a parent or child email account to create a fantage account?

Either one ... it says parent but i did mine xD

How can you change Ultimate Safe Chat to Standard Chat in Club Penguin?

Get a parent account and change it from there.