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Use the USB port to download onto the PS3 harddrive

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Q: How do you get stuff off your flashdrive and onto your ps3?
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How do you mod on modern warfare 2 online on ps3?

first you gotta hook a flashdrive to your computer then you gotta find one and download it to the flashdrive then simply hook the flashdrive to the ps3 and presto!

Can you put pictures from the internet on your PS3?

yes you can. you plug your psp to your computer then you move it all across if this didn't work then go to if it doesn't work the first time then do it again and type the question. done by nb Jones

How do you mod zombies on ps3?

Just Download them off of computer onto a usb and then plug it in and there you go its modded

Can you transfer Data from an inactive PS3 to a PS3 slim?

Is PS3 doesn't work any-more you can swap the HDD's or you can plug both drives form the two PS3's to the computer and copy the files over. If you have stuff on there from the PS Store you could just link your PS3's and download the files again onto your other PS3.

Can you transfer items you bought from PSS on a PS3 to a new PS3?

The stuff you purchased at PlayStation Network should be saved on your account, but to be sure save all your data on external harddrive and then copy it onto your new drive in new ps3. Using USB port.

To unplug ps3 everynight to save energy?

Put it onto standby then turn it off using the switch at the back.

Can you use a usb flashdrive as a memory card?

If you are talking about PS3 yes u can save your game saves on a usb flash drive

Is the halo game coming onto the ps3?

No but the next games made by Bungie will come onto PS3 and Xbox 360.

Can you connect your ipod to Playstation 3?

the USB cable. but to put music on it, theres a better way: get a USB flash drive, external hard drive, your choice- and put the MP3s you want on the ps3 onto the flash drive. insert the flashdrive into the ps3, go to music>thumbdrive>(hit triangle)>contents (i think)>music>and select all and copy..something like that : )

Getting pictures on your PlayStation 3?

To get pictures on your ps3, you will have to have a PSP or USB flashdrive thing or any kind of portable thing that can hold pictures.

How do you get hacks onto your ps3?

with poo

How do you download sky onto PS3?

You have to pay