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The PS3 will not play PC games and PC game Mods will not mod a PS3 game.

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Q: Can you download PC game mods onto a PS3?
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How do you download PS3 game MODs?

You can either get them directly from the PlayStation Store using your PS3 (free or purchased mods), or you can download them directly from the PlayStation Store online with a PC, transfer them to a Flash Drive or Memory Stick, then load them onto your PS3 from there.

Can you download PC game mods on your ps3?

No PS3 games are not the same as a PC game with the same title

How do you get mods onto a PS3 game?

you can mod some ps3 games but 95% you cant and if you find one you can mod then get a flash drive biganuf to hold the download and put it in there and copy it in

Can you download gta 4 mods onto ps3 with flash drive?

I don't think so bub.

Can you download mods for Minecraft on the PS3?


Can you download mods on the PS3 it self?

yes you can

How do you get mods on ps3 minecraft?

Download from computer

Where can you download free mods?

you can mod minecraft by buying a u.s.b cable on a website then you plug it into your pc/xbox/ps3 and then go onto files and click on minecraft and you can download mods WARNING:ONLY SOME MODS ARE FREE yours sincerely no caps

How can you download mods for ps3 cod5?

don't no ha

How can i download mods for black ops 2 on ps3?

You can download Mods for Black Ops II on PS3 using Choco's Black Ops II Modding Tool.

Can you download mods on minecraft ps3 without a PC?

No you cannot. Modding PS and Xbox is impossible. You can't download regular mods into the game. You can mod the game to add simple things such as infinite time on potions or colored writing.

Can you put Fallout 3 PC mods from fallout nexus onto the PS3?

Yes, you can install Fallout 3 PC mods from Fallout Nexus onto the PS3. For a tutorial, see: