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If you are talking about PS3 yes u can save your game saves on a usb flash drive

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Q: Can you use a usb flashdrive as a memory card?
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Can you use a flashdrive as a memory card for your xbox360?

No, you must buy a special memory card for the 360.

Can you use a usb hard drive as a memory card in ps2?

No you need the memory card

What type of memory card does an IPhone use?

You cannot put a memory card in an Iphone,they use there internal memory for storage.

Which memory card readers can be used with netbooks?

All netbooks can use memory card readers, as long as they have USB connections.

Can you use a usb cable to send the pictures from your memory card to your pc?

You will need a device to read the memory card in order to transfer the data.

What accessory do you need to purchase to allow your computer to write to a memory card?

For this you can use a USB Memory card reader. Examples of such readers can be found here:Link: http:/

Do you need a memory card for photos to go from your phone to laptop?

no you can use a usb cable.

Does the dell Latitude D620 have a memory card port?

NO, but you may purchase a USB Memory Card Reader to use with any computer.Search Term: usb memory card readerSee the Sources and related links below to visit the DELL User's Guide for the Dell Latitude D620.

Do you have to use a card reader with the Sandisk 16 GB Ultra II SD Memory Card or can you read it straight off your Camera by usb?

You can always load your pictures directly to your computer using a USB cable rather than a memory card reader.

Can you use your memory card from your camera to download your pictures on your notebook?

Yes you can - there's a number of ways you can do it:-Use a USB cable to connect the camera directly to the notebook, orIf the notebook has one, insert the memory card into the multimedia slot, orUse a USB adapter (which is how I do it) - insert the card into the adapter and insert the adapter into a spare USB port.Most versions of Windows will recognise the memory card or the camera as ' external mass-storage device...' and you should be able to 'drag & drop' the pictures you need.

Can you put a memory stick in a ps3?

very old PS3s had card readers and the new ones use the USB port and an adapter for the memory card to allow transfer of the information to a harddrive

What is a flash memory card?

A flash memory card is a card that holds digital data. An example of a flash memory card would be an SD Card, Micro SD, Memory Stick Pro Duo, Flash Drive (Thumb Drive, USB key). All Ipod models except the ipod classic use flash memory. Flash memory has no moving parts, but, hardrives do. Those are classified under, non-flash memory. Flash memory cards have different memory capacities. The higher the capacity, the more expensive it will be. But, the higher capacity, the more stuff can be put on it. Hope this helps