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To get a spirittomb you will need an odd keystone which you place in the rock pile on route 209.

Then you must go underground and talk to 32 people, not the hikers. You ca nget a friend to go down and talk to you and then go back up and so on for 32 times.

Once you have done that 32 times, you go back to the rock pile on route 209 and you press A on it and you will be battling a lv.20 spirittomb.

Make sure you save it first.

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Q: How do you get spirittomb on Pokemon diamond?
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How do you catch spirittomb on pokemon diamond?


What trainer has a spirittomb in Pokemon diamond?

The league champion Cynthia

Why do you need the keystone in Pokemon diamond?

so you can catch spirittomb at level 25

Where can you catch spirittomb in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't catch Spirittomb in Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum. Unless you have a Action Replay Code to catch trainners pokemon, you can catch it from one of the elite four

What does the hollow tower do in Pokemon Diamond?

well whin u get under ground and talk to 35 people go there then u will battle spirittomb

How do you get spirittomb on Pokemon black?

You can get Spiritomb by:Transferring it into Pokemon BlackTrade for it.

How do you get spirittomb in pokemon daimond?

You have to talk to a lot of people underground, get the keystone, and but it in the tower.

What type of Pokemon does the Pokemon league have in Pokemon diamond?

Types of Bug,Ground,Fire,Psychic, and the champion doesn't have a particular type but here are the pokemon she does have: Garchomp dragon/ground Spirittomb ghost/dark Milotic water Roserade grass/poison Lucario fighting/steel Gastrodon water/ground Hope this helps! :)

Spirittomb in Pokemon Diamond?

You can get a odd keystone and put it in the chimney looking thing then talk to 32 people and a spiritomb will appear at the chimney looking thing and if you talk to the same person you have to go into your secret base and come out or go up.

Is there a code to get spirittomb instead of going underground?

yes there is a code 2 get every Pokemon just browse this website

Pokemon star or Pokemon Diamond?

Pokemon diamond

What are the action replay cheats on Pokemon Diamond to get a 5 star trainer card to battle Spiritomb and Lugia?

its a rumor if u want lugia just use action replay or spirittomb u need a odd keystone place it into that thing in the daycare city