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You ring them up and then invite them round and then ask them to go on a date with you and then you go downtown and then they'll follow you.

If it's in the house and the Sim you want to go with lives with you, then you call a taxi and say you want to go downtown, then when it asks you if its just for your Sim to go downtown or for multiple Sims to go downtown then you say multiple Sims and then all Sims go downtown.

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Q: How do you get someone to go downtown with you in sims 2 nightlife?
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How do you dine out on sims 2 nightlife?

Get them to go downtown, and it will ask you where then go to the restaurant.

How do you go to downtown on the sims?

You neeed Sims 2 Nightlife then you either go in you car and click the option downtown or go to the phone and call a taxi

Can you get a restaurant on the sims 2 for PC?

Yes, but you have to have Nightlife installed, then you can get Downtown and you can get resturants and bowling places and bigger clothes shops...and vampires! And you can also buy cars to go Downtown in.

What can you do in sims night life?

in nightlife you can have lots of cars, and you can go downtown to other lots. there are also vampires in the game and they can turn you into vampires too

Sims 2 how to go for shopping?

Well, you need to have a place to shop in your neighborhood. Also, if you have Nightlife then you can go downtown. Anyway, on the phone you click transportation, and then Taxi. It will then have a list of places to go, and you choose from there. It will then take your Sims there. If you have Nightlife, you could also just use your car. You click on your car and click "Go Somewhere", and then you choose where to go. .

During sims 2 nightlife does the game stay at night?

No. The reason it is called Nightlife is because your sims can go out to nightclubs

Can you go downtown in the sims 2 for ps2?

No, you cant. It's impossible to go downtown on the Sims 2, for playstation 2.

Where do you meet a vampire in Sims 2?

this requires the sims 2 nightlife and you download the downtown and go to any community lot there and wait a while until a vampire shows up.(red eyes and pale skin is what they look like)

What is the vampire cheat on the sims2?

You need either the Sims 2 Deluxe edition, or the Nightlife expansion pack. You have to go downtown, then meeet the Head Vampire. Make him your friend and he will bite you. Then you can have a VAMPIRE! :[ :)

How do you make the sims go out to eat?

You need Sims 2 Nightlife to go out to eat. If you already have that then what you do is call taxi and then it asks whether you want to go shopping in town or want to go downtown. Click on downtown and there are options for many places. It should tell you in the description of the places whether they are eating spots, clubs etc. Go to one of the eating places and once you get there go to the hostess and click on reserve table and there you go.

What sims expansion pack in the original PC version do you need in order to go downtown?

You need the sims hot date to go downtown.

How do you get your sims to visit other sims houses on sims 2?

you have to go to a Sims house and click the phone and invite them over or you can let them invite you over by going to a group in downtown (nightlife needed) use the boolprop cheat then hold shift and click on the Sim and make selectable, then make the Sim take you and there friends to there house.