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It is IMPOSSIBLE on sims 2 but on sims 3 you can go to someone Else's house. Hope that helps!

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Q: How do you go to someone elses house on sims 2?
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How do you make someone live at your house in sims 3?

if you want someone else to live at your sims house in sims 3, go to edit town, and then choose the household and click on the other household you want them to merge with.

What does trespass mean?

Trespassing means if you go somewher etc: into a room, a house of someone elses withought permission

Pokemon Diamond wi fi?

go to someone elses house that has it, mc. donalds, starbucks, or just get a wi-fi adapter.

How do you move into another sims house in sims 3?

You go to your phone in your house and invite someone over then you choose the person you would like to move in with you and when they get there, if they don't reject you, you go to actions( when you click on them) and then there you go!!(: hope I helped

Your dog is potty trained but always poops or pees inside whenever you go to someone elses house why is this happening?

because the dog is trained too not pee inside your house or the house he/she lives in

How do evict someone out your house in sims3?

You go to "..." and click "edit town." Once you are in the town, click on the house you want to evict Sims from, and scroll over the three options. One of them is "evict Sims." choose the Sims you want to evict, and voila!

What does the question are you willing to conform mean?

To go by someone elses rules.

In The Sims 2 how do you go to another sims house?

you cant

Where is your user id for MySpace?

in the search bar. go to yours or someone elses myspace someone elses to get theirs yours to get your id go to the space bar and it should say friend id=********& the numbers is your friend id.

How do you make a sim go to anothers house?

In the Sims 3: Find the person's house, click it, and click visit household. There has to be someone from that household at home for you to get inside.

How do you get someone to go downtown with you in sims 2 nightlife?

You ring them up and then invite them round and then ask them to go on a date with you and then you go downtown and then they'll follow you. If it's in the house and the Sim you want to go with lives with you, then you call a taxi and say you want to go downtown, then when it asks you if its just for your Sim to go downtown or for multiple Sims to go downtown then you say multiple Sims and then all Sims go downtown.

How do you go to someone elses room on bin weevils?

They have to Invite you to There Places You Cant Go Straight Away.