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You can get em in the pastoria marsh.

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Q: How do you get skorupi on Pokemon pearl?
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How does skorupi evolve in Pokemon pearl?

In Pokémon Pearl, Skorupi will evolve at Level 40.

Where do you find skorupi on Pokemon emerald?

You cannot. Skorupi was introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (and Platinum). It is unavailable in games prior to these. ;)

What level does skorupi evolve to?

It evolves in Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl at Level 40.

How do you get scorupi in Pokemon Diamond?

You get skorupi in the safari zone in Pokemon diamond and pearl but is rare

What stone makes skorupi evolve Pokemon Pearl?

No stone, it evolves by level (40? I think)

Where do you find skorupi in Pokemon pearl?

You can get it in the great marsh in area 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 hope that helps;)

How do you catch skoropi in pearl?

To catch Skorupi in Pokemon Pearl you need to go to the Great Marsh. Skorupi is rather rare here and will sometimes not be catch-able depending on the day. To know if Skorupi is going to be catch-able use the binoculars on the 2nd floor. The binoculars will show which area has a certain Pokemon in it. Once the binoculars show that Skorupi will appear memorize the area and go there to find and catch it

What type of Pokemon is Skorupi?

Skorupi is a Poison and Bug type pokemon.

What level does skorupi evolve at in pearl?

Skorupi evolves at level 40!!!

What level does scopia evolve ds pearl?

There is no Pokemon named "Scopia" Skorupi evolves INTO Drapion at Level 40.

Is skorupi a bug Pokemon?

Skorupi is a Poison/Bug-type Pokemon.

Where to find Skorupi in Pokemon diamond?

You can find Skorupi at the safari zone.