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You can find Skorupi at the safari zone.

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Q: Where to find Skorupi in Pokemon diamond?
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Pokemon diamond where is skorupi?

You can find skorupi in the Safari game at the Great Marsh in Pastoria City.You can find Skorupi at the safari zone.

Where do you find skorupi on Pokemon emerald?

You cannot. Skorupi was introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (and Platinum). It is unavailable in games prior to these. ;)

How do you evolve skorupi in Pokemon diamond?

You can evolve Skorupi once it hits Level 40.

How do you get scorupi in Pokemon Diamond?

You get skorupi in the safari zone in Pokemon diamond and pearl but is rare

What Pokemon can you find in the marsh in Pokemon Diamond?

skorupi,wooper,quagsire,carnivine etc.. u can check where to find which Pokemon on the upper room by checking the telescope.

Where do you find a skorupi diamond?

They are at the Pastoria Marsh.

What level does skorupi evolve to?

It evolves in Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl at Level 40.

How many steps does it take to hatch a skorupi egg on Pokemon diamond?

5355 steps.

Where to get Skorupi in Pokemon Platinum?

You can find Skorupi in the Safari Zone. its one of the Pokemon of the Day You can also get Skorupi at night time as well as the day. I don't know but skorupi evolves around the level 32 to 40 area. You can find skorupi either on the route to pastoria from veilstone city or in pastorias safari game.

Where do find a skorupi in Pokemon Silver?

Skorupi is found the safari zone in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.In HeartGold and SoulSilver they are found at the safari zone also.

What is number 128 in Pokemon Diamond?

I think it is Drapion, it is the evolved form of Skorupi. Hope this helped :)

How do you catch skorupi in Pokemon Diamond?

First go to the safari zone. go to to the second floor. look through the binoculars and see if a skorupi appears. if it does go to where you saw it and try to catch it!you can get a skorupi in the safari zone.