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White apes in the first levels I think

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Q: How do you get sharp claw in monster hunter 2?
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Is Monster Hunter 2 out in America?

Monster Hunter 2 and a newer game, monster hunter freedom unite, have both been released in America.

Can Monster Hunter 2 and monster hunter unite link up?

They can't link up to go on quest's but if you get monster hunter freedom unite then you can import ur account from monster hunter 2. ps it doesn't delete your guy/girl on monster hunter 2 (z alesana i) ()_() (=':') (,(")(") your welcome!!

How can you get giadrome claw on monster hunter freedom 2?

Easy, just defeat the Giadrome and carve off it.If you do'nt get one when you carve off it you will probaly get it in the reward

How can you get your felyne come with you in your quest in monster hunter freedom 2?

you mean Monster Hunter Freedom Unite? or Freedom 2? only Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has Felyne Fighters.

Can monster hunter freedom unite play ad hoc with monster hunter freedom 2?


Is monster hunter 2 good?


Where to get giant bone in monster hunter freedom 2?

Easiest way is to trade Thunderbug to the old trader in the jungle. He may give you Sharp Claws sometimes.

What quest do you have beat to get the kirin quest in monster hunter freedom 2?

I dont know how to do it on monster hunter freedom 2g but i know how to do it on monster hunter freedom unite. sorry =(

Can you link up monster hunter freedom unite and monster hunter freedom 2?

no im sorry to say

Was Monster hunter 2 good or bad?

6/10, good but not much improvement on Monster Hunter 1

Strongest monster in monster hunter freedom 2 G?


Can you ues felyne fighters in normal Monster hunter freedom 2?

is Monster Hunter Freedom Unite different from Monster Hunter Freedom 2? then if it is, you'll get on felyne fighters. only MHFU gets to have a felyne fighters.