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If you do the Mew glitch, you can fight anyone in the game(except the ones you need cut,surf, or strength) to get basically ANY Pokemon(even ones that you need to trade!) I suggest that you fight the bikers on routes 16 and 17(I found a Magmar and Electabuzz there). An even BETTER way to get secret Pokemon is to fight the ladies with gaslys in the Pokemon tower on the higher floors in doing the Mew Glitch. You should find a Missingno.(and the game won't freeze). Also, If you do the Mew glitch and fight anyone, you can find the following depending on what one of your Pokemon's special is:

Special | Result

192 | 44Hy

191 | 44

198 | 7g

195 | Z4

193 | (female sign)

196 | X - x

199 | Glitchy Charizard(try not to find one)

194 | pPKMnp

197 | 4. .

some of these glitches have other information on

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Q: How do you get secret Pokemon on yellow?
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What is the secret of the Pokemon tower Pokemon Yellow?

There are giant penises at the top.

Where is the secret house on Pokemon Yellow?

somewher in ther

What is the secret key for in Pokemon Yellow?

if you got it from the Pokemon mansion it opens the cinabar Pokemon gym

Where do you get surf on Pokemon Yellow version?

the Secret House in the Safari Zone

Where is the bike route in Pokemon Yellow?

It is by the secret hideout where you get HM02. HM02 is Fly.

Where is the secret house in Pokemon Yellow?

It is on route 19. It has something to do with surfing pikachu

Where is the secret key to Blaine's gym on yellow version?

It is in the Pokemon House (in the basement), left of Cinnabar Island.

How do i get surf in Pokemon - Lightning Yellow Version?

hm suft is in the secret house at the back end of the safari zone

Where is Pokemon stadium at Pokemon Yellow?

in Pokemon yellow there is no Pokemon stadium

What do badges do in yellow version?

Badges allow you to use secret moves outside of battle, higher pokemon's stats and help them obey you.

Where is hm flash?

on Pokemon yellow on Pokemon yellow

Were is volcano badge in Pokemon Yellow?

In the game Pokemon Yellow you have to beat the leader of gym seven in order to win the Volcano Badge. The leader of this gym is named Blaine and he specializes in fire type Pokemon. To enter this gym you first have to get the secret key. This key is located in the building across from the lab.