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First, you have to subscribe. Then, you play ranked PvP matches or ranked pet derby to gain arena tickets. You'll need allot for this specific pet because it gives a (death) card. The Toad dude in the pet place by the tree sells different pets beside the crow here, like the striped boar, Mouse Magician, and a spectrum. Hope you like the game!! I'm pretty fond of it myself!!!!!!

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Q: How do you get pet dark crow on wizard101?
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How do you get a dark spirite in wizard101?

You get the dark sprite spell from the death student malorn ashtorn in ravenwood. One of the ways you get the dark sprite pet is defeating lord nightshade and you might get the dark sprite spell.

Where can you train your pet in wizard101?


How do your pet dragons evolve on wizard101?

No, pet dragons do NOT evolve in Wizard101. animals cant evolve but now yhey grow

How do you heal your pet in wizard101?

your pet heals it energy by itself

How does your pet grow in wizard101?

by plaing games in the pet pavilion

Where to get the starfish pet on wizard101?


Can you hatch a hybrid pet with krokotillian wizard101?

Yea you can hatch a pet on wizard101 with any 2 pets.

What wizard101 codes do you have?

summer dragon-fully grown red dragon (random name) frog-500 gold special gift-a dark pet

How do you make your pet an ancient in wizard101?

you have to train it in the pet pavailon and feed it pet snacks

How do you get a Frostcaller pet on wizard101?

You hatch a Satyr and Ice Colossus to get this pet.

What is the hydra pet's favourite pet snack in wizard101?

Cheese broccoli

Where do you race pets in wizard101?

At the Pet Derby podium in the Pet Pavilion