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use surf to get to canalave city where your friend will talk to u next go to the library(uper right coner top floor)then you will fell a explosen then go to the lake they will be gone.

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Q: How do you get past the two team galactic grunts to go to lake acuity in Pokemon pearl?
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How do you get past the galactic grunts at lake acuity in Pokemon pearl?

Pikachu bro.. always Pikachu.

Where is the galactic grunt on Pokemon Pearl?

Well, there are quite alot of Galactic Grunts throughout the game. Where/what part are you on?

How do you get the master ball in Pokemon pearl?

You have to defeat the Galactic Grunts' boss, Cyrus.

What do you do after you defeat all the team galactic grunts in the team galactic HQ in Pokemon pearl?

after you get galactic key go to the HQ with sattilite dish go to the door

Where are the galactic grunts in Mt Cornent in Pokemon pearl version?

They are right at the top trying to slow you down.

How can you get to Team Galactic on the peak of Mount Coronet on Pokemon Pearl?

Climb the mountain and follow the trail of Galactic Grunts. You'll reach the top eventually.

How do you pass team galactic in floaroma town in Pokemon pearl?

You go to Floaroma Meadows and talk to Galactic Grunts and battle them. When you beat them they will run away and they will leave the key to the Wind Works.

What to do after you beat team galactic in Pastoria city pearl?

You go to acuity lake

Where do you go after you defeat team galactic at lake valor in Pokemon pearl?

after defeating commander Saturn at Lake Valour, you have to go to Lake Verity, fight four galactic grunts and then commander Mars.

Can you jion team galactic in Pokemon Pearl?

You may not join Team Galactic in Pokemon Pearl or Diamond.

Pokemon Platinum how to get teddy ursa?

If you have Pokemon Emerald in your GBA Slot (this also works for Pokemon Pearl and Diamond) Pokemon Platinum- Route 217, Lake Acuity Pokemon Diamond & Pearl- Route 217, Acuity Lakefront, Lake Acuity

Pokemon pearl-There is no one at lake acuity apart from the blond kid isn't there supposed to be galactic members there cause i don't know what to do?

no it is just the blond kid, you have to go to the Galactic HQ in veilstone in order to advance further into the game