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after defeating commander Saturn at Lake Valour, you have to go to Lake Verity, fight four galactic grunts and then commander Mars.

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Q: Where do you go after you defeat team galactic at lake valor in Pokemon pearl?
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How do you get the water back in valor lake on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

you defeat team galactic in the area and save the three pokemon from cyrus

How do you get team galactic to leave valor lake?

In Pokemon Platinum, the player has to defeat several Galactic Grunts and Commander Saturn to get them to leave Lake Valor. This happens after Team Galactic uses a bomb to dry up the lake.

How do we get electresety in valor lakefront city?

Defeat Team Galactic on Mt. Coronet and either defeat, capture or run from Dialga (Diamond), Palkia (Pearl) or Giratina (Platinum).

How do you meet Cynthia in Valor Lakefront?

Defeat that Galactic Goon!

How do you get the legendary Pokemon azelf with no Palkia in Pokemon pearl?

catch or defeat palkia and go to lake valor and you Will find azelf

On Pokemon Diamond how do you get to Azlef in lake Valor I can't find the cave?

actualy lake valor is sunken there is no water team galactic is still there.but get past them and the fish and enter the cave go straight and u will meet azelf. Go to Lake Valor after you defeat Team Galactic. The Lake will be filled, and the cave is in the middle.

Who is the rare Pokemon at valor lakefront in Pokemon pearl?

Azelf is the legendary Pokemon found a Lake Valor.

In pearl does team galactic plan to blow up lake valor?

yes they do and they succeed

Where is Cyrus in Pokemon diamond?

you can find him in the cave in lake valor after the galactic bomb. he will battle u and if you win he will say he already took will have to defeat the rest of the commanders.

Where do you get aself in Pokemon pearl?

Lake Valor

How do you get pass team galactic to enter lake valor?

I think you can enter Lake Valor once you defeat the 5th gym leader and stop the bomb from happening.

What do you do after you best Saturn in Pokemon Pearl?

Which? There are two places that you have to fight Saturn. At Lake Valor - Go back to Lake Verity to help Dawn. At Veilstone Galactic HQ - Go to Mt. Coronet.