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you catch palkia/dialga

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Q: How do you refill Lake Valor in Pokemon Pearl?
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Where do you get aself in Pokemon pearl?

Lake Valor

How do you refill lake valor in Pokemon platinum?

sorry but u cant

Who is the rare Pokemon at valor lakefront in Pokemon pearl?

Azelf is the legendary Pokemon found a Lake Valor.

How do you get a wobbefet in Pokemon pearl?

lake valor,lake verity,lake aciety pokerader

Where are the three lakes on Pokemon Pearl?

Lake Valor, Lake Acuity, and Lake Verity

Where is the Grand Lake hotel in Pokemon pearl?

valor lakefront

How do get Tommy at valor lake on Pokemon pearl?

you use your strongest pokemon and lots of potions

Pokemon pearl What is the easiest way to train a Pokemon?

i recommend the restaurant near lake valor

How do you get past all the flopping Magikarp in lake valor in Pokemon pearl?

You don't.

Where is the red gyaraos in Pokemon pearl?

go and train gyrados at lake valor it worked for me

Where do you go in Pokemon Pearl after the earthquake in Canalave City?

After the earthquake, you go to Lake Valor.

Where by lake valor to get Giratina in pearl?

Its not lake valor, its the spring path