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You go to Floaroma Meadows and talk to Galactic Grunts and battle them. When you beat them they will run away and they will leave the key to the Wind Works.

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Q: How do you pass team galactic in floaroma town in Pokemon pearl?
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How do you get pass floaroma city in Pokemon Platinum?

get the windworks key, go into valley windworks, and beat the galactic commander. all the galactic people will leave the area

How do you get pass the two boys at the bridge near the flower shop on Pokemon pearl?

beat the galactic commander in valley winderworks

How do you get pass the Galactic Grunt that says Don't pay attention to the lonely grunt with no Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

beat the elite four and get the national pokedex from professor rowan. go back to mt. cornet and he'll be gone

How do youget pass the galactic grunts in mt cornet in Pokemon platinum?

battle them i guess

How do you get pass the guy in Pokemon pearl?

be more spcific

How do you pass Pokemon Pearl?

you give them moo moo milk

On Pokemon pearl how do you get a membership pass?

a Nintendo event but i do not know what that is!!!

How do you get Geretina in Pokemon Pearl?

you get pass turn back cave

When does Espeon learn Baton Pass in Pokemon Pearl?

It doesn't.

How do you pass Dawn in Pokemon diamond pearl?

Pokemon trainers don't know for sure.

How do you pass the Galactic Grunt with no Pokemon at Mt. Coronet's entrance?

Beat Cynthia and get the National Pokedex. When you go there he will be gone.

Can you pass Pokemon from diamond to platinum?

Yes, you can trade them from diamond and pearl