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You must complete spear pillar and then he will leave

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Q: How do you get past the guy that is blocking the way to route 224?
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Where is the guy blocking your way to get to route 224 in Pokemon platinum?

he is in victory road.

The guy blocking route 224 wont move?

you need the natonal pokedex

How can you access route 224 in Pokemon pearl?

Beat the elite four then the guy blocking thepath to it will go away.

Where is Route 224 on Pearl?

Your that stupid?It's after the cave.The guy's blocking until you get the national dex.That's where it is. p.s:you have to guide'll know when you get there:).

How do you go to route 224 on platinum?

first you have to beat the Pokemon league and get the national pokedex then go in victory road where the guy was blocking it it should be open go in go through the rest of the cave and you will come out at route 224

How do you get past the guy blocking route 222 in Pokemon pearl?

Defeat Team Galactic on Mt. Coronet.

How do you get past the guy blocking route 11 in white?

You'll need to defeat the Elite Four and Prince N, then you can access to Route 11.

How do you get past the guy that's blocking route 40 on crystal?

if its the guy that tries to rip you off buy buying a slowpoke tail just say no and he will move out your way

How do i get past the fat guy in victory road to beat elite four?

If you mean the guy blocking a route to the right,then don't bother.You come back there AFTER the Elite Four.Go right past him straight,then left.There should be the exit.

How do you unblock route 224?

To unblock route 224, you have to beat the elite four and then go back to victory road and before there was a guy standing there but now he is not...i hope this helps

On Pokemon pearl where is the cave to get to route 224?

Yes it was very hard for me to find what cave is needed to go to Route 224. It is of course Victory Road, find the door that the fat guy was blocking (you'll need Defog) go into the other door, Use Defog go south to find an easy way to the door go up and outside Ta-Da!! But Route 224 has a LOT of battle- wanting trainers '. by: Geo R M.D

How do you get past the 2 people blocking the route 230 on Pokemon pearl.?

poke battle tower i think u see your rivalsdif guy complete the sinnoh pokedex