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when you beat the people in the poke mart basement and (optional) the mohagony gym, go to goldenrod and beat team rocket in the underground and radio tower. the guy should move after you disband team rocket.

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Q: How do you get past the guy in mahogany town in heart gold?
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How do you get past the man in mahogany town in heart gold?

Defeat team rocket

Where do you go after you beat the 7th gym in Pokemon heart gold?

past the rage candy bar dealer in mahogany town (right of the town) to the ice cave

How do you get past the guy in mahogany town in gold?

you have to beat team rocket

Where is the 7th gym leader in the game heart gold ds?

Mahogany town

How do you get to blackthorncity in Pokemon Heart Gold?

you go to the lake of rage and talk to lance then go to the scientist in mahogany town then do the base thing then the dude will let you past

Where is mt mortar in Pokemon Heart Gold?

it is in between Mahogany town and Ekruteak city

Ragecandybar guy in mahogany town heart gold pass?

catch entei and raikou

How do you get past the person that's blocking icy path on heart gold?

beat or catch the red garados, do the mahogany town secret base, do the radio tower thing then beat the mahogany gym and then the guy should let you through

Where to go after you beat team rocket in goldenrod in heart gold?

fly to mahogany town and go west

How do you get passed that guy in mahogany town in heart gold?

okay you have to defeat the team rocket in goldenrod city

Where is the icepath on Jhonto reigo Pokemon Heart Gold?

on the route between mahogany town and blackthorn city

What do you do when you defeat mahogany's gym in silver?

so you can get past the guy in mahogany town