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You have to have an e-reader. the e-reader game is behind them.

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Q: How do you get past the door in Pokemon FireRed on Seven Island if it is covered by boxes?
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Where is unown on Pokemon FireRed?

Island Seven. In the ruins.

Where is Pokemon tower in FireRed version?

Seven Island

Where is the trainer tower in Pokemon FireRed?

It is on Seven Island, to the north.

Where is a good place to train your Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Seven island at sevault canyon.

Where to find trainer tower in Pokemon FireRed?

northern seven island

Where is gym seven in Pokemon FireRed?

Cinnibar island if your going in order.

Where can you catch a cubone Pokemon FireRed?

Cubones can be caught on Seven Island.

Where is a lavitar in Pokemon FireRed?

Larvitar is in Seavault Canyon, which is on Seven Island. (Need rainbow pass to get to Seven Island).

How do you travel to island 9 in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no island 9 in either Pokemon FireRed or LeafGreen. Whoever told you this is very off. There are Seven Islands (Sevii Islands)

How do you you get a pupitar in Pokemon FireRed?

Evolve Larvitar, which you get at Seavault Canyon on Seven Island.

Where can you find an onix in Pokemon FireRed?

Onix can be found on seven island, six island and rock tunnel.

Where can you find larvitar in Pokemon FireRed?

Larvitar can be found in the grass in Sevault Canyon on Seven Island.