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You must beat the seven gym leaders, the elite four, and your rival. Then you have to capture 60 Pokemon to get your Rainbow pass the will allow you to travel to Island 7 in Pokemon FireRed.

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Q: How do you catch to island 7 in Pokemon firered?
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Where do you catch larvitar in Pokemon FireRed?

7 island. --> In Sevault canyon on 7 island.

How do you get to 4 island -7 island in Pokemon FireRed?

Beat the pokemon league.

Where do you get Tyranitar in Pokemon FireRed?

7 island a canyon

How do you get Unknown in Pokemon FireRed?

go to 7 island

Where to get Entei in Pokemon FireRed?

you get him in 7 island and you must have a venasour

How do you come on island 56 and 7 on Pokemon FireRed?

I hope this helped

What to do after obtaining national pokedex Pokemon FireRed?

explore 7 island . GL !! ^^

Where can you train a dragonair in Pokemon FireRed?

A good place would be 7 island.

How do you catch to island 5 Pokemon firered?

after beating the elite 4 go to mt ember on one island and get the ruby then take it to celio and he will give you the rainbow pass with that you can go to islands 4-7.

Where exactly is the dragon scale on pokemon firered?

the 7 island Pokemon tower owner may give you it.

Where do you find larvitaur in FireRed?

You can find a Larvitar in the Sevault Canyon on Island 7. It is a 5% catch.

How do you get to island 7 on firered?

You have to catch 60 different species of pokemon then talk to prof. oak and he`ll give you the national pokedex and the rainbow pass which allow`s you to go to 4-7 islands.