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You cant, you have to take an alternate route to Pallet Town to get to Cinnibar Island. You need to save the power plant then go to the radio station. Then you should get the upgrade card there. You go to the sleeping Snorlax and turn on pokeflute. He'll wake up then go through Digletts cave and you'll eventually get to Pallet town!

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Q: How do you get past the construction workers on route 19 in Pokemon soulsilver version?
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The construction workers below Fuchsia City cannot be moved. They move after you defeat Red. You have to wake the Snorlax east of Vermilion, go through Diglett Tunnel to the path between Pewter City and the Viridian Forest, travel south through the Viridian Forest, travel south through Pallet Town, and finally surf south to Cinnabar Island.

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