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Go to or try Google marriland. They have the best Pokemon website ever created, they have walk throughs, all the pokedexs, If you need info then go to them, Also on U-tube there is a walkthrough of the entire game from marriland so just find the right video and you have it! (that was the only way I could get through victory road =] )


(From user "Fense")

1. Stock up on around 10 'Max Repels', 1 'Escape Rope' and 5 'Full Restores'.

2. Level up your Pokemon Until level 50-60, or have 1 Level 100.

3. Have 2 Bibearels (Sorry, I've forgotten how it is spelt), And teach them Hm's.

4. Teach your best Pokemon Tm's that are better than their original moves, if not or when finished, use PP- (Ups or Max's) on their best / most used move.

5. When done, Go to the Pokemon centre, and revive your Pokemon, and set journey towards Victory Road.

6. With all Victory Roads on all the games, its hard, so don't dawdle around.

7. Don't Bother to grab any items, Unless you manage to come across one.

8. Remember that you don't need Hm Cut going through Victory Road, I forgot to mention earlier.

9. Don't Jump down too many slopes, one could lead back to where you started.

10. If you Ever feel, Enough is enough, use your escape rope (this could also be the depletion of items stock).

11. If you used the Escape Rope, Do steps 1 & 5 again, But just those.

12. Then try again (I forgot to pin point when you got to Victory road).

13. And of course to the people who need directions use the Max Repels every time it runs out. And use Full Restores when your Pokemon are running out of HP.

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2011-09-13 03:27:34
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Q: How do you get past Victory Road in Pokemon Pearl?
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How do you find elite 4 on Pokemon pearl?

Go past victory road you dummy

How do you get past victory road in Pokemon platnium?

all you have to do is follow the diamond/pearl walkthrough for victory road. I suggest looking up

How do you get out of victory road to Pokemon league on pearl?

Just keep moving forward. Try all exits and staircases and whatnot. That is how most people get past victory road.

How do you get past the victory road in Pokemon diamond?

Victory Road is the path that leads to the Elite 4 in Pokemon Diamond version. To get past it, you need to have all the badges.

How do you get past the guy on the road to sunnyshore in Pokemon pearl?

cach pearl the legndary Pokemon

Where to find Pokemon no 080 in pearl?

you have to go to victory road and defeat every trainer then go past the fat guy on the right then he will be in the wild.

How do you get past victory road on Pokemon?

Well on gold um

How do you get past the guy at victory road in Pokemon platinum?

you need the national dex

How do you get past the fat man in victory road on Pokemon platinum?

I think you have to verse him

How can you get past the Pokemon league on Pokemon soul silver?

First, you have to get through Victory Road. Before you can exit Victory Road, Rival will challenge you to a battle. After you defeat him (if you do defeat him) you can exit Victory Road and enter the Pokemon League. Then you defeat the Elite Four and Champion.

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The best way to get past victory road in Pokemon Diamond is to buy lots of max repels and have a Pokemon that know the moves rock smash and strength.

How do you get past the police at victory road in Pokemon heart gold?

beat the Pokemon luegue then go to the Pokemon centre

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