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you need the national dex

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Q: How do you get past the guy at victory road in Pokemon platinum?
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Where do you get lairon in Pokemon platinum?

Victory road =]

What is no 131 on Pokemon Platinum pokedex?

The Pokemon Lapras a water type Pokemon is the 131 Pokemon on platinum and can be found on Victory Road after getting past the guy standing in front of the doorway inside the cave.

Where can you find a gabite in Pokemon platinum?

In victory road

Where do you battle a Gardevoir on pokemon platinum?

Victory Road

Where can you find a trainer with a lickylicky in Pokemon platinum?

in victory road

Where do you catch magneton in Pokemon platinum?

you catch in the victory road

How do you get rhyhorn in Pokemon platinum?

You catch one on Victory Road.

Where to train Pokemon around lv 30-45 in Pokemon Platinum?

victory road

Is their a trainer in Pokemon platinum with togetic?

its a bird keeper in victory road

Where can you fined a rhydon in Pokemon platinum?

you can find one in victory road.

What trainer has a Porygon-z in Pokemon Platinum?

A Veteran is Victory Road

Where can you see a lickylicky in Pokemon platinum?

a trainer in victory road has one