Pokemon Platinum Victory Road map

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Pokemon Platinum Victory Road map
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Map of Pokemon platinum Victory Road?

same as diamond/pearl

Where is victory road on the town map?

you can find "Victory Road" just before the Pokemon League.

What Pokemon can you find in the Victory Road in Pokemon platinum?

You can find shaymin there, but you need the oak's letter event to gain acess to it. This will also uncover a hidden part on the map, but I'm not sure if you can go back there.

Where do you get a map of how to to get to the Pokemon league from sunny shore city in Pokemon platinum?

You can't get a map of victory road. Sorry.Actually you can. Just go to or and they'll give you a map and/or walkthrough.Hope this helps!Also if you have the d/p guide the maps on there are very helpfulhop i helpt too :)

Pokemon sapphire map of victory road?

here is a link to a website that shows you! is a perfect map of victory road for Pokemon ruby/sapphire(it helped me A LOT!)

On Pokemon LeafGreen how do you get trough Victory Road?

The easiest way is to print out a map off the internet

How Do You Get Passed Victory Road in Pokemon Leafgreen?

Use the map on this

Were Victory Road in sapphire?

look on your map.

Where is victory road in Pokemon Pearl?

Victory Road is in the lower-middle right section of your map. You can get there by leaving Sunnyshore from the area where Jasmine gives you waterfall. There are many water-type trainers on the way there because you have to surf the entire way. There is a Pokecenter right before you enter Victory Road itself, so take that into mind with the Pokemon you choose.

What is the orange dot on the map in Pokemon platinum?

where you are

How do you pass victory road in Pokemon LeafGreen?

make sure you have several high-level Pokemon and a TON of max repels and max potions. The trainers in Victory Road are quite tough. Here's a map: Good luck!

Where can you find the Pokemon Shaymine in Pokemon Diamond version?

You can find shaymin in Flower Paradise. After you beat the Elite Four a new road in Victory Road becomes available. After going through the new bit in Victory Road, you exit into Route 226. You can see this new Route on your Town Map. It looks like its going up-right (north east) of the Pokemon League.