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this answers easy all you have to do is get all the stuff that the man tells you to get to make the shell bell and then you can search everywhere.

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Q: How do you get passed the shoal cave in emerald?
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Were do you catch snorunt in emerald?

In shoal cave.

Where is shoval cave at emerald?

Shoal cave is north from mossdeep city.

How do you get snorunt emerald?

Snorunt is found in Shoal cave.

Shoal cave in emerald?

North of Route 125

What do you do with the shoal shell in Pokemon emerald?

combine it with shoal salt and create a shoal bell by talking to the dude in the start of the cave.

What is the use of shoal salt in Pokemon emerald?

the old man in shoal cave will make you useful items with the shoal salt

Can you get snorunt in Pokemon emerald verson?

Yes in shoal cave.

Where can you get spheal in Pokemon emerald?

Go to Mossdeep City, then SURF north and enter the Shoal Cave... There you will find Spheal...

In Pokemon Emerald what part in the Shoal Cave would you find a shoal shell?

depending on the time the tide will be higher meaning the cave is flooded during that time you can get shoal shells

Where can you catch a snorunt in emerald?

In Shoal cave near Mossdeep city.

Is kyogre in the shoal cave?

Kyorge does not appear in Shoal Cave. In Pokemon Sapphire Kyogre appears in the Cave of Origins as part of the story. In Pokemon Emerald Kyogre appears in the Marine Cave after defeating the Elite Four.

How do you get see incense on emerald?

In shoal cave (trade for shoal salts & shoal shells). For more information check the link, pokearth or go to yahoo anwsers.