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the old man in shoal cave will make you useful items with the shoal salt

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Q: What is the use of shoal salt in Pokemon emerald?
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How long does it take to find shoal salt or shell in Pokemon emerald?

you just use cheat and you get it or you go to mosdeep city and go to route 125 you can find the cave

How do you get shoal shells at the soal cave in Pokemon emerald?

when the tide is high you use surf into a cave and surf around if you see a rock with something blue click it and you get a shoal shell.

Can you use emerald version in Pokemon coloseum?

NO you can not play Pokemon emerald in Coloseum.

How do you get Pokemon emerald to Pokemon pearl?

you use pal park to get emerald Pokemon to pearl bur you can't transfer them back to emerald

Is there a shovel you can use in Pokemon emerald?


What the use of poke flute at Pokemon emerald?

you can use it to awaken your pokemon in battle

When you defeat Pokemon emerald noland will you get th Pokemon you use?

no no

Dawn stone Pokemon Emerald?

Dawn stones aren't available in Pokemon Emerald. Use Mystery Gift.

What Pokemon use a evolution stone in emerald?

I dont have Emerald but I think Lombre does.

How do you use hee in Pokemon Emerald?

your mother

Can golbat use fly in Pokemon emerald?


Can Gyrados use fly in Pokemon Emerald?