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If you would like to go home, you will need to make a catamaran. There are no more islands other than this one except for Crystal Island. You can get there at West Beach( second island) or at pier beach ( first island). you unlock this island by fixing the thing at the temple( i forgot what its called but you need logic, and body and mechanical).

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Q: How do you get passed the 3rd island on sims2- castaway?
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How do you get to the 3rd island on sims2 castaway?

Go to East Beach on the second island (Airplane Island). Then Do what you did to get to the island you are on now. The boat with be different though.

What is the torch for in sims2 castaway?

The torch is used on the 3rd island to smoke bees then get honeycombs (not very good 7 hunger 14 energy and -2 bladder)

Do I have a glitch in my Wii Sims2 Castaway I can't find soft wood anywhere the cheats say it should be?

You Can Only Find SoftWood On The Third Island I Have Completed The Game And It Is On Llama Island The 3rd One Where U Return HOME!!!

How do you go one the other island on sims2 castaway?

Well in the 2nd island or 3rd???????? I'm not sure about the 3rd but the 2nd you go to Pier beach and if you stand between the ancient sculptures it will say build raft, BUILD IT. But you must have all the resources to do that!!!!!!Then click on the raft and go to West Beach. I hope that helped!

How do you get to the 3rd island in Sims 2 Castaway for Nintendo DS?

go on a canoe

Where is the forgotten forge in castaway 2?

The hidden forge is inside the llama temple on volcano island, the 3rd island

Where can you find metal ore in sims 2 castaway?

at the top of the volcano on the 3rd island

In the Sims 2 castaway for the Wii where do you get sand?

Fine sand can be found on Crystal island. Which emerges shortly after reaching Volcano island (3rd island)

How do you get to the forge of the nymphs castaway two?

You have to enter the llama temple on the third island in geyser plains.

Where is the mango on sims castaway ds?

The mango tree is on the very left of the plus shaped lake on the left-most island (3rd island)

On sims 2 castaway wii how do you get to the 3rd island?

well on the second island you must build a canoe , then have a LOT of energy (sleep/eat)

Where do you find sisal to harvest on sims2 castaway ps2?

You find sisal on the second and third islands. To be specific: 2nd Island: Skull Rock Jungle, West River Plains, East Rivers Plains, South River Jungle, Pirates Cove, Hidden Lagoon 3rd Island: Volcano Jungle, Ancient Theater, North Volcano Jungle, Geyser Plains, Volcano Summit