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go on a canoe

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Q: How do you get to the 3rd island in Sims 2 Castaway for Nintendo DS?
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Where can you find metal ore in sims 2 castaway?

at the top of the volcano on the 3rd island

Where is the palace on The Sims 2 Castaway on Nintendo wii?

3rd island of of gyser plains there is a big creepy door (with the big floating blue feet) you need all of the hyrogliphics to get in though

In the Sims 2 castaway for the Wii where do you get sand?

Fine sand can be found on Crystal island. Which emerges shortly after reaching Volcano island (3rd island)

Where is the mango on sims castaway ds?

The mango tree is on the very left of the plus shaped lake on the left-most island (3rd island)

On sims 2 castaway wii how do you get to the 3rd island?

well on the second island you must build a canoe , then have a LOT of energy (sleep/eat)

Sims 2 castaway ps2 how do you get through ancient door on 3rd island?

You have to put all of the hieroglyphics's together at the crafting bench and then take it to the door

In the sims 2 castaway for ps2 how do you go in the hot spring?

All the hot springs are on the 3rd island and there is one in the jungle and there are 2 on the volcano overlook. glad to help you.

Where to find a boar in Sims Castaway PS2?

Boars are found in mnost places just running around. Mostly either the 2nd or 3rd island. I found one running around on the Volcano Overlook on the third island. Hope this helps :)|

How do you get to the 3rd island on sims2 castaway?

Go to East Beach on the second island (Airplane Island). Then Do what you did to get to the island you are on now. The boat with be different though.

Where is the forgotten forge in castaway 2?

The hidden forge is inside the llama temple on volcano island, the 3rd island

How do you get to the forge of the nymphs castaway two?

You have to enter the llama temple on the third island in geyser plains.

Is there a fourth island on sims 2 castaway?

Well sort of. When you have found everywhere on the 3rd island then a 4th Island appears between the 1st and 2nd island(Crystal Island). But if you're going there from the Island map then you have to have the 1st Island seleted. ok first get the entire lama palace discovered and then some kind of eruption and then you can check out the first island where you built your raft and swim arround the island and it will go there