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First of all, go to the Burnout Store and select "Paradise Bikes", (it's free so you don't need to go to EB Games and get a PSN card) wait for it to download and you have the Burnout Paradise Bikes. If you want to use it then you must be either offline or online in a bike freeburn while playing Burnout Paridise and then go to the junkyard and select "Paridise Bikes". There are two motorbikes to start with: the Nakamura FV11OO and the Nakamura Firehawk V4. You can unlock three more bikes too: the NakamuraFV1100-T1,the Nakamura Firehawk GP Competition (the fastest bike in the game), and the Nakamura Toy Firehawk. I don't know how to unlock the three because I bought the time-savers pack.

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Q: How do you get motorbikes on burnout paridise?
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How many cars in burnout paridise?


How do you turn on the sirins in burnout paridise?

click in the left analog stick

How old do you have to be to use Xbox live on Burnout paradise?

You must be 13 years old to use Xbox live on Burmout Paridise.

Does Burnout Paradise have motorbikes?

Yes, The "Davis" free pack gave players access to 4 motorbikes (all street bikes), which added a host of new challanges, freeburn events and road rules to beat.

Is NFS Burnout revenge better than Burnout Paradise?

Burnout Paridise has more realistic car damage, and the race types are really well planned. You can idmediatly go into driving once you start the game. Need for Speed Undercover has more feacures and modes online. It has a greater variaty of cars, and you can do missions. The better game depends on your taste in what you want. If you like destruction and high end fun, go with Paridise. If you want to humilate your friends, and have more ways to earn cash, go with Undercover.

How do you unlock new motorbikes in burnout paradise city PS3?

You do a specified # of races when you do all of them you get a bike and when you do i think it is 16 races you get another bike as well.

If you dont own burnout paradise yet and by it will it come with motorbikes?

If you buy The Ultimate Box, they will be on the disk. However, if you buy the regular version, update it when you get it and bikes will be in your junkyard.

What is the name of the latest Burnout game?

The last burnout game was burnout crash, but it was not a proper burnout game, and was a spin off of the burnout series. The last actual burnout game was burnout paradise.

What was the game before burnout paradise?

Burnout dominator came out before burnout paradise. Burnout revenge was later recreated, but was not the last burnout game before burnout paradise.

Which game is newer burnout revenge or burnout dominator?

burnout dominator

Can you buy motorbikes in the sims2?

No you carnt by motorbikes it is only cars.

Is the bird-of-paridise palnt an angiosperm?