How do you get maple points?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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To get maple points be either lvs 30-50 and go to monster carnival 1 or 50 - 70 and go to monster carnivaL 2 Kill the monsters there and i say about 2 percent chance to get a maple point per monster. HEHEHE Ur welcome

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Q: How do you get maple points?
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How many points does the real maple leaf have?

sugar maple

How many seasons did the maple leafs have 100 points or more?

the maple leafs have had 3 seasons where they had 100 points or more

What do the points on the maple leaf stand for?

There are 11 points to the maple leaf, the symbol of Canada. Some think that the 11 points represent the 11 provinces and territories, but this is only speculation.

How many points did the Toronto maple leafs have in 2004?

The Maple Leafs finished 4th in the Eastern Conference with 103 points in 2003-04.

How many points are there on the Canada flag?

There are 11 points on the maple leaf that is on the Canadian flag.

How do you get skill points in maple story?

you level up

What do HP and Mp stands for in Maple Story?

Health Points and Mana Points

Is the Canadian flag the only flag with 11 points on it?

The Canada flag is the only flag with a maple leaf. Therefore, the flag is the only flag that has a maple leaf with 11 points on it.

How many points are on the leaf on the Canadian Flag?

According to The 11 points on the maple leaf emblem have no significance. Many people believe they stand for Canada's provinces, plus the federal government, but the emblem is just a recreation of an actual maple leaf.

How do you buy cash items with maple points in maple story?

go to cash shop, then when you want to buy something you click buy then it says cash item 90 days at the bottom theres 2 different payments: Pay with Maple points or Pay with NX

Who holds the Maple Leafs rookie points record?

Peter Ihnacak

Who has scored the most points for the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Mats sundin