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you first need to go to slateport city after you defeated team magma at the Pokemon to capt. stern and team magma will appear.

then go to lilicove city. you can go into team magma s hideout.

then go to route 127 or route need to have dive you can get it from Steve in mossdeep city.

on route 127 there will be dark water you can dive in the water.

there will be a cave.go inside and defeat team magma.

then groudon will awake.then go to the cave of origin and the man will let you in.

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Q: How do you get man out of way of cave orgin on Pokemon ruby version?
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Pokemon ruby where to find HM 7?

in the cave of orgin

Where you can get the HM7 in Pokemon ruby version?

hm7 waterfall is in the cave of orgin, sootopolis city, you have to go to the magma lair otherwise they won't let you in

How do you get the HM07 waterfall in ruby version?

When you go into the Cave of Orgin in stooplis city there should be a pokeball in a corner

How do you get into the cave of orgin on Pokemon ruby?

First you must defeat team magma at an underwater cave near the island where Ever Grand city is located.

Where is meteor cave on Pokemon ruby version?

Same place it is on sapphire

Were do you get groudon?

in Pokemon sapphire you have to trade. in Pokemon ruby you have to make groudon come to the cave of orgin by defeating team magma or whatever in sea floor cabin.

You really need to get to the orgin cave but you don't know were to dive where do you dive to on Pokemon ruby?

by going to um i think on of the houses in lilcove city

Why is grodon not in the cave of orgin in Pokemon ruby?

you got to beat the team magma (aqua if in sapphire) at the mountain near lillycove city first. :]

Where is Groudon after you defeat Maxie?

In emerald find out in ruby orgin cave.

Where is the cave of origin in Pokemon ruby version?

it is in sootopolis. however, you can only get in after groudon is awakened.

How do you find what version Pokemon ruby is?

Pokemon ruby's version IS Pokemon ruby.

Where to find cerulean cave in ruby version?

there is no cerulean cave in ruby