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Gypceros or mining on quests 4 stars or higher

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Q: How do you get light crystal in monster hunter 1?
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Are there cheats for monster hunter 1 for PS2?

monter hunter

Was Monster hunter 2 good or bad?

6/10, good but not much improvement on Monster Hunter 1

How do you get medium monster bone on monster hunter freedom 1?

Kill the things with spicky tails in the desert

What are the release dates for The Troop - 2009 There Is No I in Monster Hunter 1-3?

The Troop - 2009 There Is No I in Monster Hunter 1-3 was released on: USA: 18 September 2009 USA: 18 September 2009

What is the biggest monster in monster hunter?

The Moster Hunter Freedom community has a connection to each other due to be seing Rathalos in all versions of Monster Hunter.In Monster Hunter 1 and so on,MH Freedom 1 and so on,MHF unite,MH G 1 and so on,all of them,I know that Lao-Shan-Lung is the biggest.But in the MH Portble versions,Jhen Mohran is the largest.

What is better monster hunter or monster hunter freedom?

Monster hunter is on ps2. The others are all on psp mh freedom is mh on psp and mhf2 is intirely diff to mhf which is on psp and ps2 and mhfu is an expansion to mhf2 but is oinly on psp and finally mh tri is only on wii and is again in a completely separate place to mhfu

Does anybody play Monster Hunter Freedom 1?

not anymore. MHFU is in demand nowadays

What are the release dates for Aaahh Real Monsters - 1994 Krumm's Pimple Monster Hunter 1-5?

Aaahh Real Monsters - 1994 Krumm's Pimple Monster Hunter 1-5 was released on: USA: 26 November 1994

Are there any cheats for monster hunter tri?

There are no cheats to Monster Hunter Tri. Some people however hack there wii system allowing them to get 1 hit kills on monsters. But that ussually results in a ban from online play.

What is the difference between monster hunter 1 and monster hunter freedom?

monster hunter freedom has a training school, a farm, stronger weapons and armour, more, harder better quests and ur own little pet piggy. plus you can go inside the gathering hall behind the village chief. and you can get cats to cook you food in your kitchen

When is the monster hunter portable 3 out?

December 1 in japan. Don't know when the U.S version comes out

How do you get flashbug in Monster hunter freedom Unite?

insect thicket +1 in ur farm is an easy way to get it