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Kill the things with spicky tails in the desert

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Q: How do you get medium monster bone on monster hunter freedom 1?
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Were can you get a med monster bone monster hunter freedom?

You can get them by killing monsters with shells in the dessert.

Where can you get a large monster bone monster hunter freedom 2?

You get a large monster bone from the large monsters like the kut-ku.

How can you get monster bone plus in monster hunter freedom?

4*+ Elder quests. If I recall correctly, the Green Plesioth awarded Monster Bone+.

Where can you find a medium monster bone for monster hunter?

Most medium sized monsters drop them, but I think the best way is to kill apcerpos in the desert or volcano.

How get hard monster bone in monster hunter freedom 2?

You could just fight a monster from the Upper Rank missions in the Guild Hall.

How do you big bones in monster hunter freedom unite?

This isn't a question but a incomplete sentence, and there is no such item, bone, or weapon called big bone.

Where do you buy ammo for the bone shooter on monster hunter freedom 2 PSP?

u go to the guy with all the food around him

How do you Get hard Monster Bone in Monster Hunter Freedom?

2 get hrd monster bones do high rank quests 4 example high rank cephadrome u can get at least 1 or 2 bones from it

Where can you get a monster bone plus monster hunter freedom unite?

By hunting a khezu, rathalos, rathian etc... The first time I got any monster bone +, it was when I got 3 of them from one run of the 5* village quest "Small Shadow over the Swamp".

How do you get monster bone in monster hunter freedom 2?

you can get it in the jungle map number.5 there will be a large monster only need to hit about 4 to 5 hit if you using bone katana or iron katana and when you killed it you will need to press(circle) and some time you are lucky you will get monster bones or raw meat!

Where to get giant bone in monster hunter freedom 2?

Easiest way is to trade Thunderbug to the old trader in the jungle. He may give you Sharp Claws sometimes.

How do you get a normal monster bone in monster hunter freedom 2?

There is no such thing as a Monster Bone, or a Normal Monster Bone. If you meant a Medium Monster Bone they are found from: Apceros: 8% / 15% in G-Rank Missions Yian Kut-ku: 20% to get 2 for each reward from capturing. Blue Yian Kut-ku: 27% to get 2 for each reward from capturing. I'm not sure if that's it, but they are the only ones showing on my list, which I got from the boss/miniboss carve faq at There is a bone... you get it searching the ground in the nest at forest & hills...i think area 5.