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I recommend you use dusk balls to catch it, they are your best chance on doing so.

On Route 13, go to the Giant Chasm. To get there, you must go down to the beach and head north off of the very eastern edge on ground level. After finding a clearing, you can make easy access by using Strength to push a rock into a hole on the bottom left corner, which can be accessible later from the split road by going right and to the upper right corner.

After completing these things, head into the cave, where you can first go up and around to collect all the items located on the far side. You will need Strength to get them.

When you're finished making your way around, head down the stairs to the exit in the middle. You'll find yourself in a foresty area.

At first, you'll think that there is no way up into Kyurem's resting place, but actually, there is. Walk up to the northernmost part and go right. Trees block your every path, though, so walk all the way to where the trees end. Even then, you still cant get in, so you want to start going left near the bottom. Don't jump of the ledge that takes you back to the beginning, though, and instead go up between some trees. Once you get there, head to a rough estimation of what is the middle of the map, which you can go to by heading right somewhere in that area.

You'll find yourself in a clearing with a hole in the middle. approach it, and you'll hear Kyurem's screech. A snowstorm will begin to occur, so that everything is covered in snow, including the trees previously blocking your path.

Head up the stairs now, and into the cave. Kyurem will be waiting there, so get close to it and begin your battle.

Good luck!!!

Source: My experience and various YouTube videos, for more details.

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Q: How do you get kyreum in pokemon black?
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Which Pokemon 2 game has black kyreum?

Pokemon Black 2.

Where can you find a ice Pokemon in Pokemon black?

In the giant chasm it is kyreum

Who is kyreum?

a pokemon in pokemon black & white. similar status to Thundurus

What legendary Pokemon can you get on Pokemon Black?

The legendaries on Pokemon black are Tornadus, Kyreum, Reshiram, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion. I can help you find them, too!

Will n have Zekrom in Pokemon black 2 or Reshiram?

In black two, he will have zekrom, Ghetis will have Kyreum in both.

What Pokemon do not evolve on Pokemon Black?

Audino,Zekrom,Sawk,Throh,Kyreum,Tornadus,Seviper, and Zangoose. These are Pokemon you can catch on Pokemon Black. I think that's about it. also alomomola

Where do you catch black kyreum in Pokemon black2?

you trade it from pokemon white 2 because when i got pokemon white i got zekrom so you have to trade. jack

Where is the new black Pokemon in Pokemon Black?

Right. You want the black Pokemon (Zekrom)? Sorry, in Pokemon Black you get the white Pokemon (Reshiram). If you want Zekrom, get Pokemon White. You get it after beating the Elite Four!!! if you want zekrom in pokemon black your going to have to beat the elite four a second time heres a tip catch kyreum,check out great chasm

I am unable to get into mt kyreum in pokemon light platinum there is something blocking me there can anyone help?

search it up

What us after Pokemon Black and White?

I think you mean what is after Pokemon black and white and the answer is not known officialy yet but there is a rumour. Everyone is saying the next game is Pokemon grey and kyreum is the main legendary and like all other games you can get the two other legendaries in this case its reshiram and zekrom. Hope this answers your question and cant wait for the game to come out.

Where AR all the legendary Pokemon in white?

Cobalion Terrakion Virizion Thundurus Tornadus Landorus Reshiram Zekrom 2nd answer: whoever did the 1st answer forgot victini.

Where is weather Pokemon Pokemon Black?

Pokemon black pokes pokemon if weathered otherwise pokes black