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As of right now, there is no snow dojo, only water and fire. That may be true or false, because you may have to be both a fire AND water ninja to unlock the snow card jitsu. I don't know, though, because, although I am a member, I only have my water boots.

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Q: How do you get into the snow dojo on CP?
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How do you get in the snow dojo?

The snow dojo is not out yet

Where are the 3 tiles on cp?

in the dojo

When will snow come out on Club Penguin?

Once Sensei feels that there are enough water ninjas. Then he will open the door to the snow dojo. hi its wolfgirl10 this is the answer the snow dojo should come out on the dojo party on 25 november 2011 or after the party. if you want to add me on cp my name is boltfan105 server:crystle room:dojo,secret hide out at dojo,water dojo, or fire dojo and my iggy will always be on the map.

Where is the CP dojo?

Its on the map, look harder!

Can you get to the snow dojo?

Presently in 2012 the 'Water dojo' has been released but no signs of snow dojo. But you never know it might come in 2013

Where is the snow dojo the in clubpenguin?

There is no snow dojo on club penguin yet, but keep up with the updates and one day there will be a snow dojo

Where is the dojo shop in cp?

In the Secret Ninja Hideout

Is there a secret room in dojo on cp?

yes there is a secret room in the dojo courtyard. its to the left of the main entrance

Where is the snow dojo in Club Penguin?

The snow dojo is still yet to come young grasshopper!

Where can you find the snow dojo on Club Penguin?

You'll have to wait to May 2012 to enter the Snow Dojo.

Where can you find the snow dojo?

they didn't make the snow dojo yet it should be coming soon i hope

When is the ice dojo in club penguin going to be out?

Never,There's no such thing as a ice dojo!!Though the snow dojo will be coming out November 2011.So prepare for the element of snow!