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Talk to one of the people in Sootopolis City (can't remember which one... Maxie? Steven? Wallace?) and they will get the guy to move out of the way.

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Q: How do you get into the cave with growdon in it on ruby version Pokemon?
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Where do you catch growdon Pokemon HeartGold?

you can not get Growdon on heartgold but Ruby and the 2 games that go with it you get at a cave in the city that has the 8th gym leder

What Pokemon can you get on Pokemon ruby?


How do you get to growdon in ruby?

When you go to Sootopolis, to fight the 8th gym, you can't. There is a cave behind it, when you have to fight Groudon.

Where is meteor cave on Pokemon ruby version?

Same place it is on sapphire

How do you get a Growdon on Pokemon Platinum?

you cant but you can trade it from ruby, sapphire, and emerald or use the action replay.

Where is the cave of origin in Pokemon ruby version?

it is in sootopolis. however, you can only get in after groudon is awakened.

How do you find what version Pokemon ruby is?

Pokemon ruby's version IS Pokemon ruby.

Where to find cerulean cave in ruby version?

there is no cerulean cave in ruby

How do you cross victory cave in Pokemon ruby version?

Only Hulk Hogan has been ever known to do this.

How do you catch regirock in ruby version of Pokemon?

I think you need certain pokemon and dive to get to it. when you get to the cave, you must walk a certain pattern

Where is diglet cave in Pokemon Ruby?

there is no diglett cave in Pokemon ruby only in leaf green and fire red

Where to get a rare Pokemon?

Use dive while surfing and when you find a cave under water enter it and explore the cave and depending on which Pokemon version you have sapphire or ruby depends on which rare Pokemon youll find